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Summer Demo Reel

2011-09-17 16:48:50 by Zwickel

Yeah this one took a while to put together, hope you guys like it!

Summer Demo Reel


2011-08-26 18:30:44 by Zwickel

Just got a Sumo Bag, always wanted it since the NG Office got theirs >: )

There's a summer motion graphics and animation demo reel coming along, as well as an idea for a zombie short.

On other news, Sculptris is awesome

It's free, exports .obj files and supports Bump Maps and Textures, with an integrated painting suite kinda like BodyPaint.

That guy below is textured and painted on Sculptris, rendered on C4D.



2011-06-19 21:44:55 by Zwickel

Received the work permit for two years , guess going to school did pay off.

Demo Reel Preview

2011-05-15 19:36:29 by Zwickel Vfpk&feature=channel_video_title

The reel will have way more 3D.
Any feedback?

BC Hydro Contest WIN

2011-02-28 17:33:19 by Zwickel ns/bulletin/conservation_sustainabilit y/inventthefutureca

Thanks to everyone that voted!!!

New Motion Graphics thing

2011-01-18 16:12:18 by Zwickel

Theres more of them ......

Hey guys, I just finished this small animation for a contest in Vancouver, please vote and share!!! hp#55

The login isnt time consuming and a small vote could make the whole difference!

Thank you :)

Just made that for an assignment, I hope you guys like it.

Logo by Juan Behrens:

check out his crazy designs and motion graphics

Actionsctipt (3) Coder Needed.

2010-08-09 16:56:18 by Zwickel

Hey guys. I haven't been around for a while due to too many busy projects.

I am working on a small project right now on Shark Finning, it is a school project where we have the opportunity to outsource audio, some graphics or code. The graphics are going pretty damn fine, but the code needs a lot of help.

If there is any coder out there that could give me a hand, I will include you in the credits and as a return I will create a small animation or logo intro, or maybe even do some artistic and animation direction in your next project.

Here is how it's looking like so far: 9

Not a lot more is needed, just some simple movie clip duplication and some other really simple functions.

If anyone can give me a hand we could work on this project and make the best out of it.

Thanks a lot again, Newgrounds users have always been supportive in the times of need.

Hope someone from Newgrounds gets it, its an awesome opportunity.